From a small to a large change in your house, Olson Design Associates is ready to help you with your plans and their execution. Many home owners find that changes in their family situation means their home just isn’t big enough, and the first thought of course is to find a new, bigger house to accommodate the family. But such a move can be costly, depending on the situation with the equity and the value of your current home on the market. Additionally, if you own a smaller home in a neighborhood containing larger homes which perhaps have been expanded, well you’ll most likely be better off to invest in your current home. It also means you’ll get to keep your location, your neighbors, your schools and all the other qualities you love about your home.

Lets get to work! First we’ll meet at your home, and talk about what your ideas are. At Olson Associates we have worked with just a small add-on for an extra bathroom all the way to a complete tear-down, or maybe a project taking out the entire interior of the home, leaving only the external walls and the roof! Then we’ll draw up your plans. Don’t worry, we can help you with the decisions, and draw up your ideas so that you can collect some matching proposals from contractors. We can help with the project management too. So if you are considering a home addition, big or small, make a call to Olson Design Associates your next move.